CPD programs

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes is one guarantee that health professional organizations give to the public all over the world. The message that the pharmacists want to pass on is: | We are trained professionals but we keep abreast of all new developments in our fields of expertise and accept voluntarily to be trained and coached so as to enhance the safety that should underline all acts of dispensing and counselling.”

The Pharmacy Council is following the steps of the Medical, Dental and Nurses Councils who have provided for mandatory attendance to CPD courses in their respective legislations. Pharmacists, irrespective of age, experience and occupation will have to reckon the minimum number of prescribed credit-points over one calendar year to retain their registration as pharmacists in Mauritius.

In the near future the Pharmacy Council will endeavor to offer CPD programmes under different forms, including e-based courses and videos, to suit the tight schedules of pharmacists.