Registration of pharmacists


The purpose of statutory registration is to protect the public and to enhance the standing of the profession

The following categories of pharmacists are included in the Pharmacy Council Act for registration:

(1) Pharmacists

(2) Foreign pharmacists

(3) Visiting pharmacists and;

(4) Pre-registration trainees

Benefits to the Profession

If you are registered with Pharmacy Council you can legally use the title of pharmacist

Members of the public will now have greater confidence in your profession as a pharmacist. They will know that your professional standing and qualifications have been independently verified

You will be supported in your work through a code of professional conduct and ethics which has been developed in consultation with members of your profession

It also protects the reputation of the profession by having a formal disciplinary procedure for dealing with professionals who do not meet the standards expected of them.

Benefits to the Public:

Registration protects the public by:

  1. Providing pharmacists with a Code of Practice and Ethics that includes the standards of performance expected of them as they practice their profession;
  2. Requiring a pre-registration exit examination to validate the competence and skills of pharmacists-t0-be. And ensure that new pharmacists are fit to practice;
  3. Requiring registered pharmacists to undertake continuing professional development so that they keep their skills and knowledge up to date;
  4. Allowing the publishing of a Register of names of those pharmacists who meet the specified standards; and
  5. Allowing the running of Fitness to Practice hearing, if necessary, into the conduct and competence of a registrant, after a complaint is made.

Check the Register

You can check the Register of pharmacists to see if a particular professional is registered with the Pharmacy Council.