Registration procedures

The procedure for registration follows a series of steps in strict chronological order:-

(1) The applicant accesses the document entitled “Guidelines to Registration as a Pharmacist “ and downloads the official “ Application Form for Registration as a Pharmacist” on the Council website. The same facility is provided at the registrar’s office, c/o Room 1023, 10th floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis.

(2) Applicant applies for and obtains an appointment with the registrar. The appointment is given within 48 hrs. after the request is made.

(3) The applicant applies for registration by filling the official application form that he addresses to the registrar of the Council

(4) The applicant meets the registrar with the following documents:

  • The original or a certified copy of his secondary school exit qualification and where applicable a certified translation, in English or French, of his certificate where the qualification is written in a language other than English or French
  • His birth certificate and his ID-card (or any other acceptable evidence of his identity)
  • The original or a certified copy of the applicant’s degree, diploma or equivalent qualification in the field of pharmacy; and
  • (a) where applicable, a certified translation, in English or French, of his degree, diploma or equivalent qualification in the field of pharmacy where the qualification is written in a language other than English or French;
  • Documentary “evidence that the applicant has followed not less than one year’s approved pre-registration training;”
  • Such processing fee as may be prescribed in the regulations in cash or by cheque.
  • Such additional document or information as the Registrar may require.

[Note: Additional documents shall include yearly and final mark-sheets for the University degree, the student card or the enrolment certificate for each university year, certified translations of certificates, degrees, testimonials, and contracts where applicable, morality certificate, documentary evidence of approval of the pre-registration training,  a testimonial from the preceptor at the end of the pre-registration training, the results of the pre-registration exit examinations, evidence of registration and of work experience in any country where applicable, the passport and any other such additional document or information as the Registrar may require]

(5) The registrar examines the documents submitted, and after discussion with the applicant, hands over a receipt for the documents received as well as a note relating to any missing document or to incomplete information. The registrar will explain the next steps of the registration process to the applicant

[Important disclaimer: The acknowledgement of submission of documents and the payment of the prescribed processing fee does not in any way precludes the decision of the Council on the eligibility of the applicant. Council alone makes the final determination on the validity of the application]

(6) The documents are processed to the Council who rules on their validity and grant or reject the application.”

(7) The Council may, where it considers it necessary, call an applicant for an interview.”

(8) Where the Council grants an application, the registrar shall cause the applicant to pay the prescribed registration fee and will issue him with a certificate of registration.

(9) A person who is aggrieved by the decision of the Council – not to register him as a pharmacist or foreign pharmacist; may apply for a judicial review of the decision before the Supreme Court.

(10) The registrar shall enter the name and other particulars of the newly registered pharmacist in the register of pharmacist.

(11) The newly registered pharmacist may start practicing as a pharmacist as soon as he receives his registration certificate after paying the annual prescribed fee and the registration fee.

Procedure for registration of pre-registration trainee

  1. The procedures are the same as for the pharmacist except that they stop at the level of the recognition of the academic qualifications.
  2. The pre-registration trainee is required to complement his academic background with a full-year approved pre-registration training that is sanctioned by an examination.
  3. Pre-registration trainees, once their qualifications are recognized, pay a registration fee and their particulars are then recorded in the register of pre-registration trainees.

Practical training for Pre-Registration Trainees

(1) No person may start pre-registration training unless: –

(a) He is registered as a pre-registration trainee

(b) The training takes place in a site approved by the Council and under the supervision of an approved preceptor

(2) Lists of approved tutors and of approved sites of training are published on this website and are available at the registrar’s office

(3) Guidelines for a successful pre-registration training addressed to trainees are published on this site

(4) The training manual that includes the terms of reference of the preceptor and the learning objectives of the placement are available on the website

(5) A model of the contract signed between the trainee and the preceptor can be downloaded from this website

(6) Mock examination papers may be downloaded and consulted from this website

(7) Evaluation sheets for the trainee and for the preceptor may be consulted and downloaded for this website

(8) A format for the log book of the trainee is available for consultation on the website