Approved training sites

“Section 22(1) of the Pharmacy Council Act 2015 provides that:

No person shall be registered as a pre-registration trainee unless –
(a) he satisfies the requirements referred to in section 18(1)(a),(b) and (c); and
(b) he undertakes to follow pre-registration training at a pharmacy approved by the Council.

” Trainee pharmacists are required to seek approval from the Pharmacy Council before embarking on any sort of agreement with a pharmacy for the purpose of carrying out their one-year practical training.”

” The Council needs to approve the site of training – a hospital, retail or wholesale pharmacy – before the training starts. Placements started after the 1st November 2017, whether in Mauritius or abroad, without prior approval of the Council, will not be recognized. ”

Trainee pharmacists are advised not to suggest training sites, the owner or pharmacist of which, may be closely related to them or in which they may have a financial interest.”

“Trainee pharmacists are invited to contact the Registrar of the Council for any matter relating to registration and training.”