Frequently asked questions

(1) What documents is needed for importing Pharmaceutical Products?

More than 80% of phone calls received by the office of the Pharmacy Council in Mauritius are related to the importation of pharmaceutical products. However, it should be noted that this matter is not under the purview of the Pharmacy Council but rather the Pharmacy Board in Mauritius. While the requirements may differ in other countries, it is important to check with the Pharmacy Board in Mauritius regarding the necessary documents and procedures for importing pharmaceutical products.

The reception Number for the Pharmacy Board is +2302011927. Ask for the Pharmacy Board.

(2) Should I submit my yearly return of Dangerous Drug to the Council?

Please DO NOT submit your yearly return of dangerous drugs to the office of the Registrar of the Pharmacy Council. It should be sent to the Pharmacy Board and/or the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

(3) What documents do I need to pay for my pharmacy licence?

The Pharmacy Council of Mauritius process Pharmacist Licence but not of the Pharmacy License. Pharmacy Board deal with the Pharmacy Licence.

(4) How do I open a Pharmacy?

Please contact the Pharmacy Board which deal with the Pharmacy Licence. The reception Number for the Pharmacy Board is +2302011927. Ask for the Pharmacy Board.

(5) How do I get my yearly Registration Certificate from the Pharmacy Council?

You will need your ID number and your password for the website below mentionned :

The ID number is a 4 digit number. Exemple if your Member ID number is 9, then your user ID is 0009. Likewise, if your member ID number is 113, then your user ID is 0113. It should always be 4 digits. (If you have forgot your password, you can request a new one by following the procedure on the website. It will be sent to your email address which you used to register with the Council)

Once on the website, on the Left corner you will get My Certificate.

Go to Please CLICK HERE to view / download your certificate. Click on CLICK HERE. And the certificate will be downloaded.

Kindly print this certificate. Display the certificate in the pharmacy for public viewing.

(6) Is it possible for a non-Mauritian to register as a Pharmacist in Mauritius?

Refer to Section 24 of the Pharmacy Council Act 2015 for the requirement to register as Foreign Pharmacist.

The Pharmacist must demonstrate an area of expertise which is not currently available in Mauritius and have a work permit and/or occupation permit and a work contract.

There is also a list of Documents and an application form that need to be submitted in person. And document along with original and a set of photocopies need to be presented at the office of registrar on appointment. Same document need to be sent in advance by email in a single PDF file.

(7) Where do I buy the Requisition/Prescription Pad ?

Kindly Call the Pharmacy Board. The reception Number for the Pharmacy Board is +2302011927. Ask for the Pharmacy Board.

(8) When Or Who set the examination for Pre-Registered Pharmacist?

The M.E.S (Mauritius Examination Syndicate) is responsible for administering the examination. If you have any questions regarding the date, please contact them.

(9) How do I get my CPD points when i have completed by Online Course such as the CPA course?

Kindly get in touch with the CPD Provider, who will subsequently inform the Registrar. Please refrain from sending your certificate directly to the Registrar unless you have first contacted the CPD Provider and allowed them sufficient time to update the CPD points files. The intervention of the Pharmacy Council is reserved for situations that prove particularly challenging to resolve.

Given the substantial number of approximately 600 pharmacists, the constant submission of completion certificates could disrupt the Registrar’s workflow significantly. It’s important to note that the process of CPD points update occurs on a monthly basis.