Institutions, pharmaceutical or medical associations or persons wishing to take part in the CPD programme are requested to be aware of the following requirements as stipulated by the Pharmacy Council of Mauritius:-

1.    CPD courses should demonstrate clear goals and learning objectives.

2.    An application form for CPD providers has to be filled in.

3.    Approval for CPD providers will be valid for a maximum of 2 years.

4.    The CPD subcommittee will review validation every 6 months as part of quality assurance to ensure adherence to CPD guidelines.

5.    Any commercial sponsorship or interest of the presenter or facilitator for different courses must be declared to the Pharmacy Council (PC). The Council will issue strict guidelines for such matters as publicity on site, distribution of tokens, and brochures.

6.    A CPD training programme or course has to be sent to the PC at least one month in advance or as soon as it is ready. It has to be updated or confirmed every six months.

7.    An automated reminder will be sent from PC to the institutions every 6 months for information regarding their forthcoming programme.

8.    All programmes should contain the title and detailed content of the lecture, learning objectives and outcomes, name and bio-data of the speaker, duration of the lecture / workshop, the venue, the number of CPD points carried and any restriction as regards the number of persons who can be accommodated.

9.    The programme will be advertised on the Pharmacy Council website as soon as it is approved by the Council. Suitable reminders to pharmacists would be useful.

10. The certificate of attendance has to be sent to the Pharmacy Council not later than 2 weeks after the end of the programme via email on . A template for reporting attendance is available on the PC website.

11. CPD providers and CPD speakers should provide blank evaluation forms to all participants. They must encourage participants to complete the evaluation form within 24 hours after the course. The form may be collected after the programme or sent by email at regpcycouncil@gmail,com not later than two weeks after the delivery of the programme.

12. CPD providers will be allowed to charge a reasonable fee, not greater than MUR 400 / hr – for providing a CPD course. Continuation of any course over the validity period of two years will be subject to the rating given by participants. An average rating will require adjustments by the lecturers while poor ratings would lead to discontinuation of the programme.

13. The duties and responsibilities of the providers are set at sections 5 & 7 of the Pharmacy Council (Continuing professional Development) Regulations 2018, a copy of which is on the Council website.

Links for submitting your CPD application :-

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Download Files

CPD-Application Guidelines for Providers

CPD-Application Form for NEW CPD Providers

CPD-Application form MS WORD format

CPD-Final Regulations of 10 April 2018