Check CPD Points

Until the webpage is updated, you can verify whether your CPD points have been recorded by the CPD provider. They provide monthly updates on the entire process. Simply click on the link provided: to easily check if your points have been accounted for. Please note that the council does not handle the updates directly. The CPD provider informs us about the events you have attended and allocates the corresponding points to you.

In case you need your registration certificate please follow the link below: –

In order to log in, you will need your ID number and your password for the website:

The ID number is a 4 digit number. Exemple if your Member ID number is 9, then your user ID is 0009. Likewise, if your member ID number is 113, then your user ID is 0113. It should always be 4 digits.

(If you have forgot your password, you can request a new one by following the procedure on the website. It will be sent to your email address which you used to register with the Council)

Newly Registered Pharmacist

For those who are Newly Registered with the Pharmacy Council and need to register for the first time use the link below :

Your Member ID will be communicated to you by the Registrar for New member.