The Council has set up seven permanent committees as provided under section 10 of the Pharmacy Council Act

1. CPD Committee

The CPD committee looks after all issues relating organization and conduct of CPD courses.

2.  Education & Training Committee

Education & Training Committee looks after the training of pre-registration pharmacists, pre-registration examinations, pre-registration placements of pre-registered pharmacist.

3. The Legal and Statutory Issues Committee

The Legal and Statutory Issues committee looks after all matters relating to the statutory requirements of the ACT and the practical issues involved in the implementation and the daily management of the law. It is responsible for the presentation of material for the drafting of regulations and for guidelines and information papers destined to different stakeholders.

4. The Finance Committee

The finance committee is responsible for the elaboration of the Council’s budget and for the approval of purchases and payments that are effected by the Council. It performs regular checks on the finances of the institution. It makes recommendations for the appointment of auditors.

5. Upgrading the Image of Pharmacist Committee

This committee look after issues on how to help to promote a positive and constructive image of pharmacist to the public and others.

6. Registration Committee

Registration Committee looks into all issues related to the registration of pharmacist.

7.  Audit Committee

Audit Committee audit the account of the Council.

Other Committees

Other committees may be set up to look into specific issues for a given time period or to solve specific issues.