Preregistration training

Procedure for registration of pre-registration trainee

  1. The procedures are the same as for the pharmacist (click here) except that they stop at the level of the recognition of the academic qualifications.
  2. The pre-registration trainee is required to complement his academic background with a full-year approved pre-registration training that is sanctioned by an examination.
  3. Pre-registration trainees, once their qualifications are recognized, pay a registration fee and their particulars are then recorded in the register of pre-registration trainees

Practical training for Pre-Registration Trainees

  1. No person may start pre-registration training unless: –
  2. He is registered as a pre-registration trainee
  3. The training takes place in a site approved by the Council and under the supervision of an approved preceptor
  4. Lists of approved tutors and of approved sites of training are published on this website and are available at the registrar’s office
  5. Guidelines for a successful pre-registration training addressed to trainees are published on this site
  6. The training manual that includes the terms of reference of the preceptor and the learning objectives of the placement are available on the website
  7. A model of the contract signed between the trainee and the preceptor can be downloaded from this website
  8. Mock examination papers may be downloaded and consulted from this website
  9. Evaluation sheets for the trainee and for the preceptor may be consulted and downloaded for this website
  10. A format for the log book of the trainee is available for consultation on the website