CPD Guidelines

1. Activity Categories: Pharmacists are encouraged to actively participate in a diverse array of activities that contribute significantly to their professional development and the advancement of the pharmacy field. These activities may encompass but are not limited to training sessions, workshops, conferences, research projects, clinical practice, and other programs directly relevant to the pharmacy profession. It is strongly recommended to select programs from the Official list of CPD Providers approved by the Pharmacy Council as a priority.

2. Points Allocation: The allocation of CPD points should be a transparent process, considering the quality, relevance, duration, and complexity of each activity. As an illustrative framework:

  • Lecture (minimum one hour): 1 point
  • Seminar/conference/workshop (minimum three hours of effective work): 2 points
  • Seminar/conference/workshop (minimum five hours of effective work): 4 points
  • 1-hour lecture course dispensed to healthcare professional only to colleague Pharmacist(s): 1 point (The pharmacist will be granted a maximum of 5 points per year as lecturer).*1

3. Minimum Requirements: To uphold their professional standing, pharmacists are required to accumulate a minimum of 9 CPD points annually. In cases where pharmacists opt to attend CPD programs from providers not on the approved list, they are obligated to inform the Registrar of the Pharmacy Council at least one week before the course. This notification should include comprehensive details about the course content, speakers, and must be submitted through an online application*1. A nominal application fee may apply, and each applicant is responsible for their own submission. The Council will review and approve these applications by latest the 1st October of each year. Any application shall be done before the 1st October of every year. Any applicant shall be granted 4 points per year*1  for such programs. Each event attended will contribute a maximum of 2 points after confirmation of a minimum duration of 3 hours of effective work.

4. Activity Verification: Pharmacists must maintain meticulous records and be ready to provide evidence of their participation in CPD activities when requested by the Registrar. Accepted forms of proof include certificates, transcripts, attendance logs, or receipts.

5. Relevance Criteria: Pharmacists bear the responsibility of ensuring that the CPD activities they engage in are directly aligned with their professional development and contribute significantly to the growth and evolution of the pharmacy profession.

6. Ethical Considerations: Pharmacists are not only expected to be present during CPD events they attend but also to exhibit the highest ethical standards. They must conduct themselves with integrity, respect their peers, and uphold professional ethics throughout these events.

7. Record Keeping: Participants should promptly notify the CPD provider if they detect any discrepancies in their CPD points. If no corrections are made within a minimum period of two months, the Registrar must be informed of the CPD provider’s inaction, and clear evidence of the request for correction should be provided.

8. Random Audits: The Pharmacy Council retains the prerogative to conduct random audits to ensure full compliance with CPD guidelines and to effect check as regard to attendance and points allocation.

9. Appeals Process: In the event that professionals identify inaccuracies in their CPD records or wish to appeal point allocations, a formal and transparent appeals process is in place. Professionals may submit an application for review to the Pharmacy Council. The Council holds the authority to effect appropriate adjustment, and its decision shall be final.

10. Public Reporting: Pharmacists have a duty to report in writing irregularities observed during CPD courses or program to the Registrar. The council reserve the right to review or suspend allocation of points in cases where irregularities are confirmed.

These guidelines aim to foster a culture of continuous professional development among pharmacists, ensuring the highest standards of competence and ethical practice in the pharmacy profession while maintaining the transparency and integrity of the CPD program.

Note The Guidelines is subject to review as and when required.

*1 Please go to the given link to submit your request for CPD points : https://www.pharmacycouncilmu.org/cpd-point-request/