CPD Point(s) Request

Dear Pharmacists,

We would like to inform you of the process to request CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points for events organized by non-CPD providers. Please note that each pharmacist must apply individually for CPD points; group requests cannot be accommodated.

To apply for CPD points for such events, please fill out the application form available online. The application must be submitted at least 7 days before the event. Please filled the below form.

Additionally, after the event, it is mandatory to email proof of attendance according to the CPD guidelines. Please ensure that the provided evidence complies with the CPD guidelines to facilitate the allocation process.

Upon completion of the program, it is required to write a synopsis detailing the benefits of the event to the pharmacy profession. This synopsis should be submitted to the Council. The Council will review the submission and decide on the allocation of CPD points. Please note that this evaluation process may take several months.

Once the Council reaches a decision, you will be able to check the updated CPD points online. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this process.

For any inquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your commitment to continuing professional development.

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Quantity of Points being requested. ( No more than 4 points per year will be alloted and a maximum of 2 points per event)