Registration for pharmacist for the year 2024

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16. Are you registered as Pharmacist in a foreign country ?
17. Do you intend to work in a foreign country during the year 2024?
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22. Technology Proficiency: Inquire about proficiency in utilizing pharmacy-related technology systems or software, ensuring pharmacists are adept at using modern tools for patient care and/or record-keeping. and/or Do CPD online.
23. Ethical Declarations: Seek declarations regarding adherence to the code of ethics and professional conduct within the pharmacy practice. This can include a statement of commitment to patient confidentiality and ethical standards. Please go the given link to read the Code of Practice.
The Pharmacy Council has updated its CPD Guideline for Pharmacist. Please go to the given link to read the CPD Guidelines. Visit link provided :
24. Declaration of accuracy: "I declare that all the information provided above is correct and true."