All registered pharmacists are invited to consult the list of pharmacists who have not yet earned a minimum of nine (9) CPD points for the year 2019. Pharmacists are reminded that Section 23(1) of the Pharmacy Council Act as spelled out at section 3(1) of the Pharmacy Council Act CPD Regulations 2018 (GN No. 46. of 2018) provide that pharmacists should have earned a minimum of 9 CPD points during the year 2019 to be eligible for registration in 2020.

Listed pharmacists are urged to attend the CPD event scheduled on Saturday 30 November 2019. The event will start at 8.30 hrs. at the Chisty Shifa Clinic, Labourdonnais Street, Port Louis, and will carry a maximum of 6 points. Bookings can be made through an email to the Registrar of the Council or by SMS (Mob. No. 52 57 06 76). There will no other CPD event in 2019.

Registrar Pharmacy Council                           

List of pharmacists not complying with the annual 9-CPD-Point requirement
NosPharmacists with Zero CPD points
(Apart from those working abroad or exempted)
1Blazy-Jauzac Claire Elise Yvonne
2Durocher Corinna 
3Seetulsingh Harry
Pharmacists with less than 3 points
4Oogarah Dhananjay
Pharmacists with less than 5 points 
5Atchia Djuneid Ackbar Gany 
6El Hayek -Sohawon Shenaz Banon  
7Konfortion Patrick Alex
8Kowlessur Sharmila
9Lim Ah Ken Sow Khim
10Mooroogen Bojahrajen Devendeeren
11Nithoo Gheeaneswar 
12Ramgoolam Dhanishtha
13Seetohul Sajiv
Pharmacists with 6 to 8 points
14Auleear Shabneez Banu Dinally
15Capery Kathija
16Dassaye Chandradutt
17Doorgiah Ramprakash
18Foondun Hamza
19Issory Yeshraj
20Jewon Mohammad Waseem
21Konfortion Caroline
22Munogee Natasha
23Naeck Brijendrasingh
24Ng Tseung  Marie Linda
25Pather Amirthasamy Damoordalingum
26Ramburn-Sinha Asha Devi 
27Ramchurn Neelkamal 
28Santuck Sadhna
29Soobul Tezanand
30Teeluck Paupamah Karishma 
31Teeluck-Badoorally Geeta Anjalee
32Dookun Chetan Rambans
33Jaulimsing Prakash
34khodabux Farad Abdool  Hamid
35Rathacharen Ashwin Dave
36Seeram-Jhugoroo Veena
37Vial Shadya
38Ah Sen Jean Pierre
39Alieinova Iryna Leonidivna
40Atchia Ackhbar 
41Beeharry Ghantish
42Bumma Deepwantee
43Casimir Jean Yves
44Chui Wan Cheong Celia
45Dil Hossain Ziaad
46Dowlut Virendranath
47Jankee Basant Singh
48Jaulimsing Mohunsing
49Kulpoo Pramod
50Lalloo Shabana
51Lavictoire Paul Francis
52Mooneeramsing Vikram Kumar
53Moraby Zainool Aberdeen
54Mungar Mayur
55Pat Fong Jason
56Patel Zain Esmael
57Ramcharn Rubina Devi
58Ramdewor Hemant
59Ramkhalawon Hurbissoon Shabeerah
60Rampadarath Jayesh Jugmohun
61Soondron Sarouvaani

Last updated 27th October 2011

More information on CPD Event on 30th November 2019